In 2007 I almost died from a severe bacterial infection that I contracted while I was in India. After being on life support for several days, I woke up to find myself confused, unbalanced and guilty for having brought the burden of my death onto the ones that I loved. My lungs were burned, my body was pallid and weak and my mind was incapable of managing a turbulent state of emotions that fueled thoughts of worthlessness. Yet, the beauty of life, the essence of morality and the ability to rationalize the difference between civil and extreme behaviors became clearer to me than ever before as my body was healing. The days passed by, the sun would emerge warmer while the love for my wife and children would transcend that of what I was capable of comprehending in my primitive mind.

Over time, as I began to regain my faculties and general sense of identity, I found myself becoming more and more enraged with society's normative acceptance of overt extreme behaviors demonstrated by some of the most prominent leaders, statesmen, politicians and religious figureheads.

This project and the material contains content that is controversial and at times profane. I target extreme behaviors whether they are based in politics, religion, greed, hedonism and/or invincibility. The intent is to reveal that while we, as humans, may feel smart because we can make a computer and fly around the world in an airplane, we are still primitive in the way we approach dealing with the most basic behavioral tendencies and interactions, such as: getting along with each other, maintaining consistency in morality and ethics, the ability to distinguish right from wrong (vs. rationalizing the wrong into a right) and an overall genuine appreciation for the well being of humanity.

There is a point in time where certain people cross the line and wind up sacrificing the morals and ethics that they once swore to uphold. The music and this project (name of band = de-vice, name of album = Resurrection), is my vice for the resurrection of fundamentally humane concepts, ideas and principles that were sacrificed by individuals for the sake of personal gain or ignorance. The objective is to encourage people to look at things from different angles, question the motives of people that practice deception as a method of achieving their goal(s) and to realize that our minds are not locked into a complacent and ignorant value system, rather, they are made to think and free by the virtue of our own existence.

Some people will not fully understand how what I have written above relates to the music on the album. They will read the words to the songs, listen to the angst in the music, read at the album title and think I might be possessed or actually that I am actually trying to infer that by 'Resurrection' I am making a reference to Jesus Christ. These are the same people that have yet to recognize that there are forms of expression and symbolism that do not necessarily prescribe to an absolute meaning or frame of thought.

So, while I share this with you, I ask that you have an open mind and consider what I have written above as the context for my motivation to create and produce this material. I hope you enjoy the music and would like to encourage you to find a method of expression that helps you maintain perspective, focus and a genuine appreciation for the well being of humanity. Please take some time to send me an email via the 'Contact' link on this website and become part of the 'de-vice tribe'. I am anxious to know what your thoughts and experiences were when you listened to the music. The songs will be available for purchase on i-tunes, Rhapsody, Zune and Napster in December 2008. A percentage of every purchase is being donated to

Special thanks to chuck, stacks, BK, LTC, Mike B, Finley, and Hill.

'Extra' special loving thanks to Emily, Hannah, Claire and Mom

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